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How To Use OpenSSL To Decrypt Multidoge.key

After a long time without touch when the price of DOGE was still very low, I found out that Multidoge might take a long time to sync the network, especially after running a blockchain reset process.

Protect Your WordPress Blog With reCAPTCHA

Ever met that someone was trying to log in your WordPress blog without any permission?

Of course they 99% will fail and you can block their IPs one by one manually, besides, you can also take an easier and safer way, which is to use the Google reCAPTCHA.

How To Watch Movies Online Free Correctly

When to watch a movie online free, you need to do 2 things, one is to find a movie, the other is to find a free website.

Are They Awake In China?

Wonder to know whether people in China, Japan, USA, and/or any other countries/areas are awake or not?

The Final Margin Trading Tips

For exchange trading, you can generally buy at a lower price and hold till the price is higher, but for margin trading, to hold too long maybe cost you a lot.

Top 10 Bitcoin and Altcoin Trading Rules

In order to avoid overtrading and getting lost, I am listing 10 rules for Bitcoin and altcoin trading here.

Best 8 Faucets For You To Get Free DOGE

In fact, I was to list top 10 faucets, but failed to find the last 2.

While Dogecoin is becoming more and more popular and expensive, all the existing faucets may be dry any time, so here are the best 8 faucets for you to get free DOGE:

The Must-Have Sites For You To Get Start With BTC, LTC And DOGE

Whether to get start with BTC, LTC, DOGE or any other cryptocurrency, the correct, easiest and safest way is to visit its official site.

So the following will show you the official sites of BTC, LTC and DOGE, which are my best 3 favorite digital currencies: