Free VPN Servers

Maybe the hosting was too expensive to handle, did not offer free VPN services any more.

While it was a pity for us to lose a good free VPN service, igimax recommended another new one — Free VPN Servers, which also offers you a free PPTP VPN.

The following will show you how to get the VPN account information offer by Free VPN Servers in 3 steps:

Step 1, Move to Unlock

Free VPN Servers

Visiting the Free VPN account webpage, move the slider from left to right to unlock the VPN information.

Step 2, Get VPN Info

Free VPN Servers Unlock

When the unlock is successful, you can click on the "Get VPN Info" button to view the VPN account.

Step 3, Set Up VPN

Free VPN Servers Account

The VPN information will include an IP address with an account name and a password, which you can use on your computer, mobile phone and/or tablet computer according to this tutorial.

By the way, while the IP address and account name is fixed, the password will be changed every 30 minutes, but you can still use the old password if the VPN is running during the change process.

Although the Free VPN Servers website is full with Google AdSense, its free VPN service does work well during my test. For more free VPN services and some other anti-censorship tools, you can check out this list, and if you have any other free VPN services, welcome to share them with us by leaving a comment.

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    Free VPN Servers was not available any more.

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    what is the vpn that can be used to unlock