How to Watch Hulu Outside US

How to Watch Hulu Outside US is a famous US website that offers free movies and TV shows for you to watch online, except the inserted ADs, its videos are nice and clear.

But Hulu is only available for the persons living in US, for those who live outside US, you need to “hack” Hulu to watch its videos.

Below is a very easy way of how to watch Hulu outside US, just two steps with a free proxy tool.

Step 1. To Register An Account

If you don’t sign in, Hulu will suggest you to clear your browser cache when you are using a proxy tool.

So, the first thing is to register an account and sign in.

Step 2. To Use A Proxy Tool

You can use a free proxy software or a VPN service, just make sure their proxy IPs are from US.

Although most free online proxy websites are available for us to visit blocked websites (such as YouTube), they are not available for us to watch Hulu outside US.

Since there is time limit for those free VPN services, I prefer to use free proxy servers, especially Hyk-proxy and GappProxy.


On, there is a post about how to watch Hulu outside US without a proxy server, you just need to use the Firefox add-on Modify Headers and block the TCP and UDP Ports 1935. But this way is a little complicated to me.

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