Page Speed Is Online Now

Google has judged a website by its speed more or less, and the standard is its Page Speed.

As one of the best website speed test tools, Page Speed has been available as a browser extension for a long time, and now, it has a new version — Page Speed Online, which is a web-based app without any installation.

The effect of Page Speed Online is same as that offers by its extension, and the following 3 images will show you how the web app looks like:

1. The homepage

Page Speed Online

The homepage of Page Speed Online is simple with a big search box and some brief instructions. You can enter a URL of any webpage and click the "Analyze Performance" button to get the suggestions for desktop (computer) browsers, or you can change the button to "Analyze Mobile Performance" then you will get a report for mobile browsers.

2. Desktop report page

Page Speed Online desktop

The desktop report page will show you the speed shortcomings of a webpage in a computer browser, with the improvement suggestions.

3. Mobile report page

Page Speed Online mobile

The mobile report page will show you the speed performance of the webpage in a mobile browser.

What’s your website’s score judged by the Page Speed Online tool? Don’t forget to improve it with these plugins for your WordPress blogs.

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    Nice overview. I love this tool.