This HTML to PDF Converter Is Powered by PDFmyURL

PDFmyURL is a nice free web app that lets you convert a url of any web page to a PDF file, though it had some bugs during my last test.

Free HTML to PDF Converter is a similar website like PDFmyURL, and it also lets you convert urls of web pages to PDF files. But I am surprised that Free HTML to PDF Converter is powered by PDFmyURL as well as Google code WKHTMLtoPDF, and it does not have as many features as PDFmyURL does, for example, it does not have a cute bookmarklet.

You just need to input the url of the web page which you want to convert to PDF, and the PDF output quality of Free HTML to PDF Converter is as good as PDFmyURL.

By the way, I had said PDFmyURL would convert this blog’s homepage to a blank PDF file, but when I tried it today, the bug was gone.

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    Please check this
    has not only web to pdf conversion posiblity but also internet browsers plug-ins.