Top 10 Free Online Blues Radio Stations

Yes, you can listen to blues with these 10 free online radio stations, which will let you play any other kind of music besides blues, such as Classical, Jazz, Rock, and so on.

But sometimes I just want to listen to some online radio stations which broadcast nothing but blues, and finally I find out below 10 websites which I think are the best among all those free online blues radio stations.

1. Blues Radio UK

Blues Radio Stations

Blues Radio UK plays a range of old and new live blues, to which you can listen with Windows Media Player, Real Player, Winamp or QuickTime.

Go to Blues Radio UK


Blues Radio Stations

The blues radio station KOQX is powered by SHOUTcast, you can listen to the blues with your Windows Media Player, VLC, Winamp and other media players.

Go to KOQX

3. American Blues Network

Blues Radio Stations

The American Blues Network is a radio station to appeal to the 25-65 year old male and female with the free live blues music, to which you can listen with VLC or other supported media players.

Go to American Blues Network

4. City Sounds Radio Blues

Blues Radio Stations

The mission of City Sounds Radio Blues is to assist in preserving an important part of the American heritage (for you and me). You can listen to the blues online with Windows Media Player, Real Player or Winamp.

Go to City Sounds Radio Blues

5. GLT Blues Radio

Blues Radio Stations

GLT Blues Radio offers 24/7 free online live blues for you to listen to with your Windows Media Player, Real Player, Winamp, iTunes, Blackberry or iPhone.

Go to GLT Blues Radio


Blues Radio Stations

Kansas City Online Radio is recognized by The National Heritage Foundation “Blues Hall of Fame” as a Great Blues Radio Station, to which you can listen with your Windows Media Player, Real Player, iTunes or Winamp.

Go to KCOR

7. ElectricBlues Radio

Blues Radio Stations

ElectricBlues Radio has Broadcast on since January 2000, and you can listen to it with Live365’s default browser-based PlayerWindow directly.

Go to ElectricBlues Radio

8. Blue Ears

Blues Radio Stations

Blue Ears offers 24/7 free online blues music, to which you can listen with your Winamp or with SHOUTcast Radio Mini Player.

Go to Blue Ears

9. The World Of Blues

Blues Radio Stations

The final goal of The World Of Blues is to have “Live” broadcasters “All Day, All Night from All Around The World” with nothing but blues, to which you can listen on the website directly.

Go to The World Of Blues

10. detour BLUES

Blues Radio Stations

detour BLUES is “handpicked selection of all styles of blues from worldwide artists both small & large”, you can listen to the blues with Windows Media Player, Real Player, Quicktime or Flash Player.

Go to detour BLUES

Among the above 10 websites, my favorite two are Blues Radio UK and The World Of Blues, how about you? Which one is your favorite? Or do you have any other free online blues radio stations? Share with us by adding a comment.

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  1. Aluchi
    Posted July 18, 2011 at 9:23 am | Permalink

    Hi, I thought to share those two great blues radio website. I am a big fan of the old blues and I am a beginner blues musician too. They are: and the second is the AOL online radio
    I check the “All Blues” from Blues Stations in the middle of the page. It is great because the variation is nice and also you listen from the site without a need for any music player.
    Thanks for your 10 suggestions though, I will check them out soon

  2. Young
    Posted July 18, 2011 at 2:44 pm | Permalink

    @Aluchi Thanks for the sharing, cheers!

  3. JonNorton
    Posted March 15, 2012 at 4:14 am | Permalink

    Thanks for listing the GLT Blues Radio streaming link.  Unfortunately, with our website update this week, the actual link to listen has changed slightly.  The new address is:
    We’d sure be grateful if the link could be updated on your site.  Thanks, and sorry for any inconvenience to you.
    Jon Norton
    GLT Blues Radio