Top 10 Websites For You To Find Google+ People

To find people on Google+, you can consider its suggestions, search on its website directly, or check out these 10 search engines.

Besides, you can also check out the following top 10 websites, which are more interesting for you to find Google+ people even without search:


On the website, you can not only sort the Google+ people by names, locations (with maps), and followers/following, but also verified, gender and joined date.

Besides, you can also add two different Google+ users to compare their follower and following quantities.


Find people on plus can be taken as a dating site for Google+ users, since you can not only search Google+ users by occupation, gender and location, but also filter them by single, married, engaged and other relationships, even though the results may be not correct.


Google+ counter

As "a selection of popular user curated lists", the website sorts Google+ people by Journalists, Pure beauty, Photographers and many other lists.

You can add someone to those OPEN lists, or to your own lists.



The website is available for you to search Google+ posts and profiles, you can filter the profiles by tags, locations and jobs.

5. is a website that rank Google+ people in different lists, which are voted by its users. You can vote for anyone you like, and you can also add yourself to any lists.

6. has sorted Google+ people in Photographer, Celebrity, Entrepreneur and many other groups, you can add any Google+ profile to one or more existing or new groups.

Signing in with your Google account, you can view and manage the groups you are in or you curate.


The website displays Google+ users in many categories, such as Bloggers, Journalists, Musicians and so on, which you can browse to find someone to follow, and you can also suggest adding someone to an existing category.

8. is such a website that will show you the top 100 most popular Google+ users according to their followers.

You can add yourself to the list, and you can view any listed user’s following and follower status in recent days.


On the website, you can add any Google+ people to a popular group (such as Geeks, BLoggers, Foodies, etc.) or your own group, one user can be only in one group.


As the name, the website shows you the brilliant women in Google+, with a formatted interview about each member.

If you are a female Google+ user, you can also submit yourself to the website by answering the interview questions.

By the way, all the above 10 websites won’t show you all the Google+ people in deed, so if you want to find more, check out the Google+ website or these 10 search engines.

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  1. Posted September 3, 2011 at 11:39 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for listing our site, on this list of the top places to find people on Google+. Looks like your screenshot of Suggested Circles is a little pixelated – ping me if you’d like a new one, as well as a custom description of how Suggested Circles works.

  2. Young
    Posted September 4, 2011 at 1:30 pm | Permalink

    @William Fernandez Yes, the screenshot was a little bad, since the damn Chinese government has blocked Google+ and I had to use VPN which caused the page loading speed too slow to finish in my tolerant time.