Watch Movies And TV Series Online For Free With ViKi

ViKi is a website for you to watch movies and TV series from all over the world online for free.

You don’t need login to watch the movies and TV series, but after registration, you can like, comment on or follow those videos, and you can also edit the video subtitles.

I. The advantages of ViKi

Comparing to these movie websites and these TV websites, ViKi has the following advantages:

1. There are movies and TV series from all over the world


There are movies and TV series from China, India, Thailand and many other countries. And besides countries, you can also filter the movies and TV series by featured, top ranked, recently added and so on.

And besides movies and TV series, you can also read the video news as well as the artist bios.

2. There are multiple subtitles for every video

Viki subtitle editor

Whether for movies or TV series, there are often multiple subtitles in different languages, such as Chinese, English, Korean, and so on, which are contributed by its members.

3. You can share scenes

wiki episode

For the video you are watching, you can share it to Twitter and Facebook, embed it into your sites, or even only share the current scene of it.

II. The shortcomings of ViKi

As an ad supported website like Hulu, ViKi is awesome for watching free movies and TV series online, but it still has 2 obvious shortcomings:

1. There is region limit

Viki region limit

Although all the movies and TV series are free, but some of which may be not available for your countries.

2. There are rarely English movies and TV series

ViKi countries

Although there are hundreds of movies and TV series from dozens of countries, but most of them are from China, India, Thailand and some other asian areas, only a few of them are from America, England, France and some other areas.


To overcome the above shortcomings of ViKi, you can check out the following 2 tips:

1. Break the region limit

If the movies or TV series on ViKi are not available for your country, you can still watch them with VPN, Proxy, SSH and some other tools, just as what we do with Pandora.

2. Watch more movies and TV series

For those movies or TV series that are not available on ViKi, you can check out these top 10 movies websites, or these best 10 TV websites.

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    This one is kind of original among this type of sites… because of the sub-titles facility…

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    I used to watch movies online. It’s free and can watch on phone too.