What Will Your Baby Look Like?

Like to predict what you will look like in 20 years, it will be also interesting to predict what your baby will look like.

Developed by the same guys who brought you In20Years and Make Me Zombie, Make Me Babies is also a free web-based application, which predicts what your baby will look like.

After registration and verifying your email address, you just need to upload your own photo as well as your partner’s. For best results, the Make Me Babies website suggests you to upload a picture “where your face is fully visible, eyes are open, no sunglasses / hair covering face and you are directly facing the camera”, you may upload full body pictures, and then cut to highlight their faces later, the images can be JPEG, GIF, or PNG format.

When the photos are ready, you can choose a baby frame, select the baby gender, guess the skin color, and give a baby name, then Make Me Babies will generate your baby, just as below:

Make Me Babies

The baby in the above picture is generated with the photos of Barack Obama and his wife, but I don’t think the little girl looks like any of Obama’s two daughters. So you can use the Make Me Babies site for your entertainment only, since the life genetics is far more complicated than it can predict, just as the site claims.

Besides your partner, you can also make babies with hot actors or actresses, whom you can choose from hundreds of celebrities on the website.

For the generated baby picture, you can download it, share it with your friends, or embed it into your website, like what you can do with Make Me Zombie.

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