Investment = Buying + Waiting + Selling

For investment, you only need to do 3 things, which are buying , waiting and selling.

1. Buying = Hammer + Orderbook + Bottom

While nothing is for sure, these 3 patterns are safer signals for you to entry a market.

2. Waiting = Doing Nothing

I had made 3 major mistakes during my trading career. One was taking TA too seriously, one was trading by daily time frame, and one was easily being effected by authorities.

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How To Use OpenSSL To Decrypt Multidoge.key

After a long time without touch when the price of DOGE was still very low, I found out that Multidoge might take a long time to sync the network, especially after running a blockchain reset process.

So that I wanted to export the DOGE in Multidoge t to another wallet faster and didn’t need to wait for the syncing.

Luckily, Multidoge is available for you to export all the private keys in one file called Multidoge.key, if you don’t set a password for it, you can simply open it with TextEdit or Notepad or similar app and see all those private keys.

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Protect Your WordPress Blog With reCAPTCHA

Ever met that someone was trying to log in your WordPress blog without any permission?

Of course they 99% will fail and you can block their IPs one by one manually, besides, you can also take an easier and safer way, which is to use the Google reCAPTCHA. Read More »

Trading Rule 101

Since I don’t do margin trading any more, neither long nor shot, what I do are only two things, one is to buy, the other is to sell.

I always believe that if I do it right, the profit will come to me, and I don’t need to chase it at all. This is also why I have to follow some rules and avoid all those mistakes which I had made before.

After missing tons of pumps, I have to change my trading strategy, basic rule is that to buy the dip and to sell when it is the biggest % gain (over 100% in 24H) of the day. Read More »

How To Watch Movies Online Free Correctly

When to watch a movie online free, you need to do 2 things, one is to find a movie, the other is to find a free website.

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Are They Awake In China?

Are they awake in China

Wonder to know whether people in China, Japan, USA, and/or any other countries/areas are awake or not?

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The Final Margin Trading Tips

For exchange trading, you can generally buy at a lower price and hold till the price is higher, but for margin trading, to hold too long maybe cost you a lot.

In order to avoid big loss and to make some profit every day, you have to follow the following rules:

#1 Limit the positions

Only one margin trading position any time.

#2 Follow the TA 

Only open long when there is a bull, and only open short when there is a bear.

When there is a bull on a big frame, such as 1h, open and close a long position according to a small frame, such as 1 min.

When there is a bear on a big frame, such as 1h, open and close a short position according to a small frame, such as 1 min.

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Top 10 Bitcoin and Altcoin Trading Rules

To take trading as a business, you have to get an risk-reward management system, an in-and-out strategy, and an strict executable procedure.

In order to avoid overtrading and getting lost, I am listing 10 rules for Bitcoin and altcoin trading here.

#1 Limit the trading coins

Focus on BTC, DOGE, ETH and MAID right now, limit the trading coins to 5 any time.

Focus on what you have, what you like and what you are good at.

Only one margin trading position any time.

#2 Never chase the bull

Especially when the price is going up higher and higher every minute, you know that it is going to fall soon, very soon. So that you can try to short at the top. For this situation, don’t leave the chart until you close the long or open the short.

And also never chase the bear, don’t short when the price is falling lower and lower every minute, you know that if it is going to rise soon, very soon. So that you can long at the dip. For this situation, don’t leave the chart until you close the short or open the long.

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