+1 Your Favorite Webpages With Google +1 Button

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As mentioned before, you can +1 any webpage you like with the "+1 Plus One Extension" or the "Google +1" bookmarklet, both of which are third-party products.

Now, Google has just launched their own similar product — Google +1 Button, which is a Chrome extension for you to +1 your favorite webpage in one click.

Google +1 Button

After installation, in your Chrome’s toolbar, you will see a +1 button which shows you how many times the current webpage has been +1ed. Click the button, you can sign in your Google account and +1 the current webpage, which will appear in your +1’s page of Google+ (such as this).

And you can also click the +1 button again to remove the webpage from your +1’s page. But during my test, the Google +1 button extension has some bugs:

1. You can’t +1 any webpage

As you can see from the above image, you can’t +1 the Google SSL homepage "https://encrypted.google.com/".

2. The speed is a bit slow

It will be better if Google can make the +1 button act faster, since most people have no fast broadband speeds and some even have to use VPN to get access to Google+.

But anyway, as an official product, Google +1 button is better than any of the other two mentioned before.

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