10 Awesome Ways to Use Google Buzz

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Whether you like it or not, Google Buzz is really buzz these days. If you like Google Buzz, check out below 10 awesome ways to use it.

1. Sync Your Google Buzz to Twitter

It is easy to sync your Google Buzz to Twitter, just use the online free service Buzz2Twitter.

2. Sync Your Twitter to Google Buzz

There are several ways for you to sync your Twitter to Google Buzz, such as adding Twitter to your Google Buzz via Connected Sites, connecting your GTalk with Google Buzz, then adding GTalk Status to Ping.fm and updating Twitter via Ping.fm, or connecting your GTalk with Google Buzz, then syncing Twitter to GTalk with twitter2gTalk.

3. Add Google Buzz Buttons on Your Blog

You can use the plugin WPBuzzer for your WordPress blog. The Google Buzz button can appear on posts, pages, homepage or even your RSS Feed.

4. Add Google Buzz Widgets on Your Blog

Google Buzz ER is a nice WordPress plugin for you to add a Google Buzz widget to your sidebar or any single web page. You can define how many Buzz entries to display, whether show images or not, customize the header title, etc.

For more Google Buzz Buttons or Widgets, you can check out Mashable’s post HOW TO: Integrate Google Buzz Into Your WordPress Blog.

5. Add Your Blog to Google Buzz

Just add your blog to your Google Profile, then add it to your Google Buzz via the Connected Sites function. And you can also add Google Reader、Picasa Web Ablums、Flickr or any other social websites to your Google Buzz.

6. Filter Buzz From Your Mail

If you do not like to see the Google Buzz in your Gmail inbox, you can filter it. Just to create a new filter, add “label:buzz” in the “Has the words” field, click OK on the warning window, and check “Skip the Inbox” on the following screen, then all your Google Buzz message will be archived directly.

7. Add Google Buzz to Your Firefox

Buzz it! is a Firefox add-on, which lets you update Google Buzz from your toolbar, you can share the current webpage with URL shortened by Bit.ly to Google Buzz.

8. Update Google Buzz with Your Email

Without Android or iPhone, you can sent an email to [email protected] via your mobile phone to update your Google Buzz.

9. View Google Buzz on Map

You can view the Google Buzz around you all over the world with Google Map.

10. Hide or Disable Google Buzz

If you are tired of Google Buzz, you can hide it or even disable it on the Gmail settings.

Among the above 10 ways, I mainly sync Twitter to Google Buzz, since I like Twitter much more than Google Buzz. How about you? How do you use Google Buzz? Share with us by adding a comment. And you are welcome to join the discussion on my Google Buzz account.

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