Top 10 Websites to Download Music for Free (No BT)

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I had ever paid for China QQ music 3 months, and at last I found it wasn’t worth the money, since all the MP3s are only 132 kbps, and now I can find better music for free.

If you like to use BT softwares, there will be more than 6 torrent websites for you to download free music. If you like to see some reviews against music before downloading, you can test these 3 wonderful music blogs. If you want to download more quickly, you maybe want to try below 10 websites, which should be the best ones to download music for free.



I have no idea how many songs are available to be downloaded, but there are at least top 150 artists and top 150 songs displayed on the site. Since the content of links is collected from other parties, some links may be not workable any more, listening to the music before downloading will be wise. But I do not like the Ads on AirMP3.

2. Archive


Archive is not only a website to download free old movies, but it also a great website to download free music. You can even listen and download the latest albums.

3. ArtistServer


There are about 9,000 free songs for you to download, and there are new music for you to listen. The songs are distributed into different genres, such as Classic, Country, Jazz, and so on. You can search music by the songs, the artists or the blogs. There are also about 260 MP3 ringtones for free downloading.

4. FMA


There are total 15 genres, including Pop, Rock, Jazz, and so on, among which there may be subgenres, such as Big Band/Swing, Free-Jazz, Jazz: Out and Jazz: Vocal for Jazz. And the music can be sorted by Artist, Album, Date, and so on.

5. Google Music

Google Music

Google Music is only available in China, but it should be one of the largest website for you to listen and download any music of all over the world.

6. iCompositions


You have to sign up before downloading, but you will be surprise to see how many MP3 songs are available for free downloading. You can also upload your own songs.

7. isound


You can see which MP3s are downloaded today or which songs are played mostly. Since you can register and upload your own songs, there are many infamous MP3 songs for free downloading.

8. Jamendo


There are more than 25 thousand albums and about 100 thousand free music for you to listen and download. If you have your own songs, you can upload to Jamendo.



There are thousands of free music for you to download. You can see which MP3s are mostly downloaded and which ones are mostly played. You can sign up and upload your music if you are an artist.

10. Unsigned Band Web

unsigned Band Web

There are many kinds of songs divided into more than 70 categories for you to download, but it is a pity that the free music can’t be played online. Uploading your own music is available when you sign up.

I have been using Google Music to download free music, since it is the only one that offer Chinese songs among these 10 websites. 🙂 Please let us know if you have used any other websites to download music for free.

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