1Channel.ch Is Dead

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A few months ago, 1Channel.ch was hijacked, and its founders were "working hard to fix all errors".

But unfortunately, all the errors haven't been fixed, instead, the domain was not available any more. When visiting 1channel.ch on your browser, you can't find any movie but an error, as what you can see from the following image:


This error I think will be there forever until the 1channel.ch domain is hijacked again or owned by someone else, since its website has already been moved to PrimeWire.ag, and which marks 1channel.ch with a delete line, as what you can see from the following image:


So, 1channel.ch is dead and won't recover any more.

Meanwhile, the LetMeWatchThis.ch domain is still available, but has been redirected to PrimeWire.ag, which now is the only one official website of LetMeWatchThis.

You have no idea how long PrimeWire.ag will work, since the website changed its domains often. Before 1channel.ch and LetMeWatchThis.ch, its domains were letmewatchthis.com and watchfreemovies.ch, which now belong a copycat.

By the way, although 1channel.ch is dead, its website is still alive, but with a new domain — PrimeWire.ag, which may also die in future, but the website I hope will be still running with another new domain then, or we will lose a good place to watch free movies online.

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