2 Ways To Start A Google+ Hangout With A YouTube Video

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Google+ Hangouts is good for you to chat with multiple friends at a time, via keyboard, microphone and webcam.

What is more, you can also watch a YouTube video with them together while chatting. But how to start a Google+ hangout with a YouTube video? You can check out the following 2 ways:

1. Watch a YouTube video and then start a Google+ hangout

YouTube videos with Google+ hangouts

While watching a video on the YouTube website, you can click the "Share" button, then you will see a "Start a Google+ Hangout" link, clicking on which, you can invite your friends to watch the YouTube video with you on a Google+ hangout.

2. Start a Google+ hangout and then watch a YouTube video

Google Plus Hangout With youtube videos

When a Google+ hangout is launched, you can click on the "YouTube" button, search to find a YouTube video, and then click on it to share with your friends.

Up till now, Google Hangouts is only available for you to watch YouTube videos, will it work for other online or local computer videos? Let’s keep an eye on it.

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