Monthly Archives: September 2009

Send Free SMS Worldwide with Cloud SMS

DO you want to send free text messages to your friend’s mobile phone?

All the Online PDF Converters Surrendered to Happiness

Up till now, is there any PDF converter that will convert the PDF file Happiness Magazine to Word perfectly? I don’t thinks so. If you know one, please do let me know, thank you.

Customize Your Twitter Background with A Logo for Free

The twitter background of @FreeNuts is powered by TwitBacks, since which is the best among these three free web apps.

14 Websites for Free eBooks Downloading

Well, I rarely look for ebooks unless someone I know recommend them. But I know quite a few websites can be used to read or download free ebooks.

There Is NO PDF Software in the Blackberry

I also believe that one day it’s no need for the users to install any software in their mobile phone, with which whatever they want to do, so I don’t want to install a PDF software in my Blackberry.

The Darned Impressive PDF-to-Word Converter

As one of the top 10 underhyped webapps in 2009, PDF to Word is “more than just adequate—it’s darned impressive”, said by Lifehacker.

Find out the Local Time and More of Any City by

Before traveling to a strange city, especially a foreign city, you will check out the time zone, the interests, the currency, and other information about the city, right?

Create An Awesome Online Signature for Free via MyLiveSignature

MyLiveSignature is a nice website for you to create an awesome online signature.