Monthly Archives: November 2009

Write A Letter Online with Niceletter

The above letter is created by NiceLetter, which is a website that lets you write letters online easily for free.

Cut Pictures Online with CutMyPic

There are many online image editors for you to cut pictures online, but CutMyPic is the most simple one for you to cut a picture and send it to any email address.

Who Follows Whom on Twitter?

Do you want know if we have followed some common Twitter users? Or do you want to know if we have been followed by some common Tweeps? Just tell me your Twitter username, and I will @ you the answer. Or you can try to use the free service offered by WhoFollowswhom website.

Quickly Create An Instant Thumbnail for Your Website Online

Thumboo is a website which lets you create an instant thumbnail online quickly and free. You just need to input a URL of any website or webpage, and the thumbnails will be generated quickly.

Top 10 Websites to Convert Images to Favicons Online for Free

A favicon (short for favorites icon) is a square icon displayed in the browser’s address bar and the bookmarks. As per Wikipedia, there are three sizes for favicons: 16×16, 32×32 and 64×64, but in fact, the standard and most common size is 16×16.

Free Online Facial Cosmetic Surgery Tool: Liftmagic

Since facial cosmetic surgery will make people look more beautiful and younger, did you have or do you want to have facial cosmetic surgery?

Find the Cheapest and Greenest Travel Route with RouteRank

Surely, the travel route offered by RouteRank is not as specific as Google Maps, since you have to find out where the airplane station is, but it will let you know which travel route is cheapest and greenest.

See the Real Time Statistical Data of the World with World Clock

World Clock is provided by, and all the statistical date is from World Health Organization, CIA Factbook, US Census Bureau and others. I do not think the data is exact, but whatever, it is a good reference for you to see what happened in the world.