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Top 5 Web Apps to Design a Favicon Online for Free

So the best way to create a favicon is to design an ico file yourself directly, which is also easier than you think, especially if you just want to make a favicon with letters, such as “FN” for Free Nuts. What you need to do is just to draw out your letters with anyone of below 5 websites:

3 Easy Ways to Find Your First Tweet

If you want to know what did you say when you first updated your Twitter profile, or if you want to know what was the first tweet any other tweep said, you can use below three free web apps, which will make it easy.

Read Free eBooks on Your Mobile Phone With Wattpad

Hope you had a wonderful and happy Christmas. Have you read any ebooks on your mobile phone during the holiday?

How to Read Nearly Any eBook on Your Mobile Phone for Free

If you are rich, you maybe want to pay to read an ebook on a Kindle. If you are not rich, you maybe want to read a free ebook on your mobile phone without paying a penny. I am the second kind, and I do read free ebooks on my BlackBerry, only paying for the mobile GPRS charge. Below is how I make it happen.

Top 4 Mobile Social Web Apps Judged by Mashable Readers

Mashable has just published the Top 10 Mobile Social Apps Judged by Mashable Readers, among which, Twidroid, Gowalla, UberTwitter, TweetDeck, Tweetie and Hootsuite are all mobile desktop softwares, which are not related to this blog, so let’s ignore them and focus on the lest 4 web apps: Flixster, Twitter mobile version, Foursquare and Facebook.

What does Santa Say about You? Nice or Naughty?

Hi, Merry Christmas! Santa just said that I was nice and deserved gold at the end of the rainbow, below is the letter from Santa:

Create A Funny Merry Christmas Letter with Merry Newsinator

The shared Merry Christmas letter will look like this. By the way, Merry Nesinator is totally free, and no registration required, but you have to get Adobe Flash 8 or higher to create or see the Merry Christmas letter.

Watch Most Tweeted Videos Online with

All the videos on are fetched by the tweets with Bitly short URLs, and the tweets are counted by BackType, you can see how many tweets linked to the videos when you watch them. But I have no idea how many tweets there should be when a video is treated as popular and showed on