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How to Add Facebook Social Plugins to Your Blog

As per TechCrunch, there are 50,000 websites which have already integrated Facebook’s new social plugins, is your blog one of them? 🙂

Top 10 Video Sharing Websites for Twitter

To share photos on Twitter, you can check out these 10 photo sharing websites, and to share videos on Twitter, you can check out below 10 video sharing websites, which will let you upload videos and post them on Twitter easily for free.

Top 10 Websites to Learn Japanese Online for Free

When you have a free online Japanese dictionary, you can learn some Japanese yourself.

In order to learn some more Japanese, especially some basic Japanese knowledge, you can check out below 10 websites, which offer many resources and will let you learn Japanese online for free.

Top 10 Free Online Japanese Dictionaries

To learn English, you need an English dictionary, to learn Chinese, you need a Chinese dictionary, and to learn Japanese, you need a Japanese Dictionary.

Top 10 Free Online English Dictionaries

A powerful English dictionary will be often helpful for you to learn English, especially when you forget how to speak the word, when you come across a new phrase, or when you want to translate a sentence.

Top 10 Free Online Dictionaries for You to Learn Chinese

To learn Chinese, you can get a Chinese-English dictionary or an English-Chinese dictionary, so that you can search a Chinese character for its English meaning or search an English word for its Chinese meaning.

Top 10 Websites to Learn Chinese Online for Free

Like to learn English, there are also many websites for you to learn Chinese online for free, and among those websites, below 10 are most powerful and worthy of a try:

Learn Chinese Online for Free with Chinese-tools

Like English or any other foreign languages, you can learn Chinese online for free, and what you need to do is just to find a nice website which will let you learn Chinese with fun.