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Two Firefox Extensions for You to Read more Tweets on Twitter Automatically

To read more than 20 tweets on Twitter, you can click on the MORE button, change the page URL, or use below 2 extensions for Firefox browsers.

How to Read More Tweets without Clicking on the MORE Button

On every Twitter webpage, such as Home, Profile, List, etc, you can read only 20 tweets unless you click on the MORE button. Below is a new way for you to read more tweets without clicking on the more button, and it is workable for the Home page and the Profile page.

Top 10 Websites to Search Multiple Sources on One Page

With Google, you can only search the information that indexed by Google, with Yahoo, you can only search the information that indexed by Yahoo, and with Bing, you can only search the information that indexed by Bing, but are there any websites to search Google, Yahoo and Bing just on one page?

Another 10 Important Numbers About Twitter

As a Twitter user, you can only have 1 account for one email address, and you can post no more than 140 characters on Twitter. Besides 1 and 140, there are also another 10 important and interesting numbers about Twitter, just as below:

Top 10 Websites to Play Pac-Man Online for Free

Although you can’t play the game on Google homepage now, you can play Pac-Man online for free with below 10 websites:

How to Get Hundreds of Followers on Twitter in 5 Minutes

Success is how many people know you, and not how many people you know, so I think the more followers you have on Twitter, the more successful you are.

Top 10 Websites for Game Reviews

Referring to game reviews, you can see how popular the games are, choose a nice game to play, get some cheats of the games, or just to read what other players say about the games.

How To Download Multiple Files At The Same Time From Hotfile As A Free User

Generally speaking, you can’t download multiple files at the same time from Hotfile as a free user, since Hotfile does not allow that, and only allow you to download a file per 30 minutes.