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Top 10 Websites to Download Music Albums for Free

To download music albums for free, you can check out below 10 websites and download them one by one.

How to Fix Broken Links

Then, if there are broken links, how to fix them? As a WordPress user, you can use below four ways to fix those broken links on your blog:

Top 10 Free Online Broken Link Checkers

To find out if there are any broken links on your website, you can use below 10 free online broken link checkers, which are easy to be used,

Top 10 YouTube Music Channels

Below are top 10 Youtube music channels with most views, subscribers and hot music videos, you can listen to, watch and enjoy them.

How to Reinstall Firefox

I wanted to uninstall the Firefox 4 Beta and then reinstall the latest formal version, below were the five steps for how to reinstall Firefox 3.6.7.

An Easy Way to Increase Page Speed

Although I have installed the famous WordPress plugin W3 Total Cache in my FreeNuts Movie blog, the Page Speed Score of which is still under 80, as you can see from below image:

Top 10 Tools to Test Website Speed

Below are 10 free popular tools for you to test website speed and get suggestions.

Top 10 Websites to Download Free WordPress Themes

You can create themes yourself, buy premium themes, or just download free WordPress themes such as Thematic used for this blog.