Monthly Archives: October 2010

Retouch Your Photo In One Click With PicTreat

If you have a photo and want to retouch it, you can check out the free one-click photo retouching service PicTreat, instead to use the heavy Photoshop.

What Will Your Baby Look Like?

Like to predict what you will look like in 20 years, it will be also interesting to predict what your baby will look like.

Turn Yourself Into A Zombie

The tool I used to turn Obama into a zombie is Make Me Zombie, which is a 100% free web-based application developed by the same guys who brought you In20Years.

Best Facebook Applications For Twitter: Twitter

To connect Facebook and Twitter, you can install some Facebook applications, among which, Twitter is developed by the Twitter company, and will sync your tweets to your Facebook account.

Best 3 Free Online Countdown Timers

Just imagine that how exciting it will be when looking at the large countdown timer for an important moment during a party or a meeting.

Summarize Articles And RSS Feeds With

Built by Jeremy McAnally, is a free web application for you to summarize website articles and RSS feeds by just entering their URLs.

Optimize AdSense With Optimization Lab

Besides One Click Optimizer, Google has also launched another sister product Optimization Lab for you to optimize AdSense on your websites.

How To Optimize AdSense With One Click Optimizer

Google has just launched a new product One Click Optimizer, which is a help series teaching you how to choose AdSense ad locations and formats for your websites.