Monthly Archives: December 2010

Three Easy Ways To Find Out What Was Hot In The World

So, how to find out what was hot in the world? You can check out below three easy ways:

Top 10 Free Online Tools To Save Web Pages For Reading Later

Below 10 online tools are available for you to save any web pages and read them later when you have the time, and all of them are free.

How To Find Out Who Is Looking For You Online

And to find out who is looking for you online via Google, Yahoo, Bing or some other search engines, you can check out below two free ways:

Manage All Google Web Apps In One Place With Integrated Gmail

Instead of opening different browser tabs for different Google web apps, you can now manage all of them in one place with Integrated Gmail.

Find Your Twitter Friends’ Social Profiles With HoverMe

As a Twitter user, I also use Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn and some other social network services, but I can only add one with a link in my Twitter profile.

Best 3 Online Santa Claus Trackers

The Google and NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) work together and bring some tools for you to track where Santa will be during the festival:

How To Bulk Remove Stars In Google Reader

I used to add stars to some Google Reader items for later reading, reference, and / or study, but I didn’t remove those stars later, so there were hundreds of starred items in my Google Reader.

Upload And Share Pictures With GalleryHosted

This post will introduce another interesting picture hosting and sharing website GalleryHosted, which main feature is that you can upload multiple pictures and share them all in a complete and browsable gallery for free.