Monthly Archives: February 2011

Track Your Twitter Statistics With Crowdbooster

Crowdbooster is a new browser-based application for you to track your Twitter statistics, including tweet impressions, follower growth, retweet times, and so on.

4 Shortcomings Of Google Profile Search

Launched two years ago, Google “Profile” search is available for you to search Google user profiles.

Test Your Broadband Speed With BroadandExpert

The broadband speed will affect the internet experiences heavily, you’ll be painful for 1K/s, happy for 1M/s, more happy for 1G/s, … the faster the broadband is, the happier you will be.

Google Recipes

Google has just launched a new product — “Recipes”, which is a search engine for you to find recipes in multiple languages from different recipe websites.

View All Photos From Different Social Networking Sites With GRID

To view Facebook photos, you can check out Pixable and view the most popular photos shared by your friends. And to view the photos from more social networking sites (such as Twitpic, Picplz and DailyBooth) besides Facebook, you can check out the VVall’s GRID website.

Top 10 Free Online QR Code Generators

So, how to create a QR code? You can check out the following top 10 free online QR code generators:

Two Chrome Extensions To Block Sites From Google Search Results

For Google Chrome browser users, you can use the following two extensions to block sites from Google Search results:

Import Your Delicious Bookmarks To Google Bookmarks

Delicious is dying, since Yahoo hasn’t made money from it or sold it for money, so it will be interesting to import your Delicious bookmarks to another service for feature concern.