Monthly Archives: March 2011

7 Ways To Search Your Own Blog

For a WordPress user, you can search your own blog with the following 7 ways:

Search By Voice With Speechify

Speech Input (also called Voice Search) is nothing new for a BlackBerry, iPhone, Android or some other smart phone, which is available for voice dialing, and you can also install some app (such as Google’s) to search by voice.

Protect Your Email Address From Spam With A URL

To turn your email address into an image is a good way to protect your inbox from spam, but it is not easy for your friends to mail to you, since they have to type your email address, instead to copy and paste it.

Continue To Make Special Characters

This post will introduce another two, which are similar to the previous ones, but with some different characters and symb♥ls.

Share Your Dropbox Files With

To overcome these shortcomings, you can check out, which is a FREE web app for you to share your Dropbox files online easily with the following 5 advantages:

The Best Web-based Proxy For Mobile Phones

Comparing to,, and tens of others, the web-based proxy Aniscartujo is the best.

Top 10 Dictionary Add-ons For Firefox

For Firefox browser users, you can use the following best 10 dictionary add-ons (extensions) and look up any word in its webpage directly.

How To Protect Your Computer Privacy

It will be a nightmare when your computer is missing or stolen, and it will be a super nightmare when FBI rush into your house and confiscate your computer because they take you as some bad guy by mistakes.