Monthly Archives: June 2011

Best 5 Chrome Voice Search Extensions

But if you also want to search Yahoo, Bing, Amazon and/or some other sites by voice in the Chrome browser, you can check out the following best 5 voice search extensions:

Convert Flash To HTML5 With Google Swiffy

Google must also like HTML5, so that they just launched a new product — Swiffy, which is a site for you to convert flash to HTML5 online for free.

Search All Google Products On One Page With WDYL

Instead, you can also search all Google products on one page at a time with the website WDYL (short for What Do You Love), powered by Google itself.

Say It In Llama With Llama Font

Llama Font is such a website for you to write (English only) with Llama font online, free of charge.

Create Your Facebook Fan Page With Wix

You can create a fan page on Facebook directly, instead, you can also create one with some third-party tools, which will be more interesting and easier.

Create A Petition Online For Free With iPetitions

I did sign some petitions, such as to invite Obama to reverse climate change in 2009, and to sign the UNICEF petition for clean water in 2010.

Best 4 GTalk Bots For Twitter

The following are best 4 GTalk bots for you to update your Twitter status, while you are checking your GMail, or chatting with your friends: