Monthly Archives: August 2011

+1 Your Favorite Webpages With Google +1 Button

Now, Google has just launched their own similar product — Google +1 Button, which is a Chrome extension for you to +1 your favorite webpage in one click.

How To Set Up A L2TP/IPSec VPN In A VPS

As mentioned before, PPTP VPN may be not workable for Mac OS X, at least mine, so that I have to use L2TP/IPSec (L2TP over IPSec) VPN.

The Answers For The Google Puzzle

After Pac-Man, Chrome FastBall, Guitar and some other ones, Google has just launched a new free online game — The Google Puzzle, which is a Chrome experiment based on HTML5 and CSS3 techniques.

Best 3 Chrome Extensions For Google Calendar

The following are 3 Chrome extensions for you to get your Google Calendar notifications from the browser, whatever websites you are browsing.

Save Tabs In The Cloud With TabCloud

Instead of “Recently closed”, you can also use TabCloud, which is a Chrome extension for you to save tabs with names in the cloud.

Who Do You Care About Most On Facebook?

Who do you care about most on Facebook?

Of course that you should know the answer, but Facebook maybe also do, since it tracks everything you’ve done and said.

2 Ways To Start A Google+ Hangout With A YouTube Video

What is more, you can also watch a YouTube video with them together while chatting. But how to start a Google+ hangout with a YouTube video? You can check out the following 2 ways:

Learn JavaScript Online For Free With Codecademy

Instead to be curious about what JavaScript is or how it works, you can learn how to code it with Codecademy, which is a website for you to learn JavaScript online with step-by-step tutorials and fun experiences.