Monthly Archives: October 2011

Put Yourself On Movie Posters With iStarin

The following will introduce you another way — iStarin, which is a website for you to put yourself on blockbuster movie posters and make yourself a super star, no registration, no download and free of charge.

Find Out When Is The Best Time To Tweet With WhenToTweet

Whatever you do, you will get a better result if you do it in a better time, so, to get a better promotion of your tweet, you can post it in a better time.

Best 3 Ways To Turn Yourself Into A Zombie

It will be always a nice idea to turn yourself into a horrible but lovely zombie, since even Britney Spears does so.

Two Ways To Integrate Google Reader With Google+

Google is going to integrate Google Reader with Google+, which the Iranians are upset over, and we still have no idea how the integration will be.

An Easier Way To Install PHP On A VPS

In the previous tutorial , you can learn how to install PHP on a VPS with 7 steps.

Make Google+ Profile Banners With Gplusbanner

This post will show you how to cut one image into 5 pieces with the Gplusbanner website and make them as your Google+ profile’s banner pictures.

The Final List Of Websites To Watch Movies And TV Series Online For Free

This post will show you all the popular websites that are available for you to watch free full-length movies and/or TV series online.

Make Google+ Profile Pictures With Gpluspic

As the name, Gpluspic is a website for you to make Google+ profile pictures online, and it is free with ADs.