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Show Files Online With Reel

If you don’t like registration and want to share your files anonymously, you can check out Reel, which is a website to turn your DOC, PDF, PPT and even images into slideshows online, free of charge and no registration required.

Top 10 Chrome Apps And Extensions For Google Maps

While you can use Google Maps both on computers and mobile phones directly, whether with browsers or softwares, the following 10 best Chrome apps and extensions will make the experiences more interesting:

Find Public Google+ Hangouts With Hangout Canopy

To find public Google+ hangouts, you can check out GglPls Hangouts and GPhangouts as mentioned before, both of them are still workable.

Convert Any Webpage To PDF With PageSnap

To convert a webpage to a PDF file, you can check out PDFmyURL, html-pdf-convert, Web2pdfconvert and some other free web apps, as mentioned before.

Create And Share Posts Anonymously And Quickly With Qacker

And if you don’t like to share any personal information, but just the thoughts, you can check out Qacker, which is a free web app for you to create and share posts anonymously and quickly.

Find Out Where Your Twitter Followers Are From With TweepsMap

And if you want to find out where most of your followers are from, you can check out the TweepsMap website and get the result on a map in one click.

Get The Image Directly With is such a website for you to enter any keyword and get the matched image directly, and what you need to do is just to type (such as in your address bar.

Get A Free VPN From Tsunagarumon

To get a free Japanese VPN from the Tsunagarumon website, you can follow the following 4 steps: