Monthly Archives: January 2012

How To Update Ubuntu Packages

When buying a VPS or a dedicated server, you need to choose which OS (operating system, such as CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, etc.) to be used.

How To Login To A Remote Server

The following will show you how to login to a remote server vis SSH using the Terminal application of a Mac computer.

Tweets Will Always Flow

Twitter is challenging to the freedom of expression during its expanding into different countries.

Top 50 Social Media Influencers

The Forbes website just listed the top 50 powerful social media influencers.

Send Anonymous Emails Online With Send-Email

Send-Email is such a website for you to send anonymous emails to any email addresses online, free of charge and no registration needed.

Follow Sports Online With Fancloud

Instead, you can check out Fancloud, which steams tweets from Sportswriters and Fancloud users, and you can take part in with the following 5 ways:

Protect Your Eyes With 20 Cubed

The following will show you another similar free web app — 20 Cubed, which is a Chrome extension for you to protect your eyes by having a rest every 20 minutes.

The Problem Of Broken Link Checker And How To Solve It

As mentioned before, the WordPress plugin Broken Link Checker hadn’t worked on my blog for a few days, so that I turned to use Xenu and Integrity.