Monthly Archives: April 2012

Convert Plain Text To HTML Code With Postable

And if you only want to convert plain text to HTML code, you can also check out the Postable website.

Best 3 Chrome Extensions For You To View Image Properties

How to get a webpage’s image dimension, size, URL and some other HTML, URI or Exif properties?

Sync And Share Files With Google Drive

Now, there is a new cloud storage service — Google Drive, which is a Google product, and that’s why all the existing competitors should be worried.

Best 3 Google+ Pages For You To Find Inspirational Quotes

The following will show you 3 best Google+ pages which offer inspirational quotes with photos like what Brotips does:

2 Chrome Extensions For You To Open Item Links Inside Google Reader

Google Reader is a good product for you to read RSS feeds, but which can be better by using some third-party applications. As default, whether a RSS feed is excerpt output or full-text output, Google Reader is only available for you to read the posts of it as items, not sidebars, comments, widgets or nearly […]

2 Interesting Free Online Alarm Clocks

The following will show you another 2 interesting free online alarm clocks, which are also recommended by our readers:

Search Quotes With QuoteCoil

To find well-known quotes by famous people or even persons unknown, you can check out these top 10 quote websites, as mentioned before.

Filter Facebook News Feed With LeFeed

Facebook is available for you to filter the news feed you have subscribed by photos and links with the same name apps, but not videos.