Monthly Archives: May 2012

How To Update The Thematic Theme

As one of the best free and open-sourcing WordPress themes, Thematic has been updated to version 1.0.1.

As a big fan of Thematic, I will show you how to update it efficiently in the following 6 steps:

Test How Your Website Looks On Different Screens With Matt Kersley

To test how your website look on different mobile phones, tablet computers, laptop and/or some other devices, you can check out Screenqueries or Screenfly as mentioned before.

Free VPN Servers

While it was a pity for us to lose a good free VPN service, igimax recommended another new one — Free VPN Servers, which also offers you a free PPTP VPN.

Test How Your Website Looks On Different Devices With Screenfly

And to test how your website looks on netbook, computer, laptop, mobile phones, tablet computers and even televisions, you can check out the following Screenfly website.

Share Your Calendars With Short Calendar

So, if you want to share a calendar with someone who dosen’t have a Google account, you can check out the Short Calendar website.

Make To-do Lists Online Free With Do It (Tomorrow)

To make to-do lists online free, you can check out LazyMeter, Remember The Milk, WorkFlowy and some other web apps as mentioned before.

Learnist: A Pinterest Clone For Learning

The following will show you another new one — Learnist, which is aiming for you to share and learn “How to” tutorials with pictures or videos.

Test How Your Website Looks On Mobile Devices With Screenqueries

To test how your website looks in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and/or some other browsers on your computer, you can check out these 10 free cross-Browser compatibility testing tools.