Monthly Archives: June 2012

The Pros And Cons Of Clipix

While most of the clones are too similar with Pinterest to be funny, the new clone Clipix is so creative for you to pin products online with prices if there are.

A Wrong Reply From The Google AdSense Team

Since 99% of my income was from Google AdSense after 2009 when quitting the job and being a full-time blogger, I was really sad and totally lost when my Google AdSense account was disabled.

Setup CloudFlare And Increase Your Page Speed

After adding your website to CloudFlare successfully, your page speed will be increased as default, and you don’t need to change anything else.

Why I Don’t Believe You?

It sounds true, but why I don’t believe you?

Three days ago, Free Nuts published a post about that there would be a problem to save draft on WordPress until you purged CloudFlare caches, later, I also submitted the problem to CloudFlare, and soon got their response, as the following quote:

Purge CloudFlare Caches

While CloudFlare is a good free CDN service for you to speed up your blog, it will also cause some unwanted problems.

How To Use Super Free VPN

Among those 3 free VPN services without any installation mentioned before, MacroVPN and ItsHidden are not available any more.

A Policy Violation Appeal To Google AdSense Team

Dear Google AdSense team,

Hope you are doing well!

Today, I was shocked when receiving your email [#1055972188] about that my Google AdSense account (pub-9782562862588242) was suspended.

Read It Later With Kippt

To bookmark a webpage to read it later, you can check out Instapaper, LaterThis, Spool and some other free online tools as mentioned before.