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How To Use The Latest Hyk-proxy

Same as GAppProxy, the Hyk-proxy GAE service won’t be updated any more, but it is still workable.

For how to install and use Hyk-proxy, you can check out this post for Windows, and this one for Mac/Linux.

How To Use The Latest GAppProxy

For how to install and use GAppProxy, you can check out this post as mentioned before, but which is a little bit out of date, since there was something updated later, and the usage was easier with just the following 7 steps:

How To Install And Use Goagent

Like GAppProxy and Hyk-proxy, Goagent is also a GAE proxy.

And for how to use Goagent, you can refer to its official site in Chinese, or you can check out the following 7 steps for an easier reference in English:

The Differences Among Proxy, SSH And VPN

Although there are over one hundred of anti-censorship tools, most of which are Proxy, SSH and VPN.

So, what are the differences among Proxy, SSH and VPN? Which one is the most safe?

Best 3 Chrome Extensions For Facebook

The following will show you 3 best Chrome extensions, which are available for you to play with Facebook without boring ads on any webpage.

Find Free eBooks, Lessons, Movies And More On Open Culture

So, is there any website to find free eBooks, lessons, movies and even some other media files online free? Yes, you can check out Internet Archive as mentioned before.

Subscribe To Your Favorite Websites And Services With Backstitch

While Google Reader is available for you to subscribe to your favorite websites via RSS feeds, it does not work for Facebook, Groupon, Instagram or some others without RSS feeds.

Cloak VPN

For free VPN softwares, you can use Hotspot Shield, ProXPN, SecurityKiss and some others as mentioned before.

The following will show you another one — Cloak VPN, which offers free VPN services for your Mac, iPhone and iPad.