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Track Hurricane Sandy With Crisis Map

As a massive, late-season tropical cyclone, Hurricane Sandy has affected Jamaica, Cuba, The Bahamas, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and is currently threatening the East Coast of the United States and Eastern Canada.

In My Words

While it is very hard to control what people are going to publish, it is very easy to change the words they have published.

In my words is such a free Chrome extension for you to replace any words you do NOT like to see with the ones you like.

Top 10 Free PPTP VPN Services

As one of the methods to implement VPN, PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) is very easy to build and use.

But hosting is expensive, so that there are not so many free PPTP VPN services, among which, the following 10 are the best up till now:

How To Connect To SSH Tunnel With Bitvise SSH Client

While Putty is like Terminal, Bitvise SSH Client (Well known as Tunnelier) is like SSH Tunnel Manager.

The following will show you how to connect to SSH tunnels with Bitvise SSH Client on Windows:

How To Connect To SSH Tunnel With Putty

On Mac, you can connect to SSH tunnels with Terminal, SSH Tunnel Manager or iSSH-improved.

And on Windows, you can do that with Putty and Bitvise SSH Client.

How To Use Freegate

Like Ultrasurf, Freegate is also a very popular and easy-to-use proxy service.

The following will show you how to use Freegate in 3 steps:

Top 10 Free Web Apps For You To Shorten Multiple URLs Into One

To share a couple of webpages with others, you can send them the webpage URLs.

Instead to send those URLs directly, you can put them together and shorten them into one with any of the following top 10 free web apps:

Change Windows Display Language With Vistalizator

So, to avoid unwanted Chinese on an English post, I had to change the Windows display language from Chinese to English first, and fortunately, which was really easy and totally free, as what you can see from the following 3 steps: