Monthly Archives: November 2012

Instant Google Street View

Street view is a good thing, with which you can get a 3D view of a city, a world wonders project, or even a sea.

But Google doesn’t develop its Maps well, so that someone else helps to develop a new one — Instant Google Street View.

Top 10 Hello Kitty Themes For Chrome

How much do you like Hello Kitty?

You may don’t likes her as much as I do if you haven’t use her as your browser themes.

The following are 10 best free Hello Kitty themes, which you can install on your Chrome browser:

Check World Time With FoxClocks

To get the current time of China, New York, Taiwan and/or any other countries, cities or areas, you can check out these best 10 websites as mentioned before.

While those websites are available for you to check world time online without installing anything, it will be easier and faster for you to do that after installing the FoxClocks extensions in your Chrome or Firefox browsers.

How To Block Sites You Don’t Like With TinyFilter

When you want your children to stay away from porn sites, when you do not like to waste too much time on dating sites, or when you think some sites are really ridiculous, you can block them.

So, how to block those sites you don’t like to see on your browsers? You can check out TinyFilter, which is a free Chrome extension for you to do that.

All The American TV Series You Can Watch Online Free In China

For those who live outside US, you possibly can’t watch Breaking Bad, Homeland, The Big Bang Theory or any other American TV series on TV.

But for those who live in China, you can watch the following popular American TV series online free instead:

Google Is Asking You To Fight For Internet Freedom

When Google is going to fight for something, such as freedom, liberty, openness, etc., they will shout it out on the Take Action site and invite people to join the pledge.

Answer Twitter Questions With You Asked It

While thousands of people are asking questions on Twitter, you may be like to answer some of them.

Instead to search tweets with the “?” marks, you can check out the You Asked It website, which has already collected those Twitter questions for you to answer.

Read It Later With Readability

To save any webpage and read it later online free, you can check out Instapaper, Kippt, Spool or some other web apps as mentioned before.

The following will show you another one — Readability, which has 3 special features comparing to others: