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How To Save CPU And RAM For Your Blog

When your blog is becoming bigger and bigger, with more and more traffic, the usages of CPU and RAM of your server will also become larger and larger.

For a paid server, whether VPS, cloud computing or dedicated server, it will save your money if you can save the CPU and the RAM. Has Been Hijacked

Previous known as, is one of the best websites for you to watch movies online free all over the world.

Although hasn’t been seized by any governments like The Private City, it has unluckily been hijacked these days.

Search Animated GIFs With Giphy

To create your own animated GIFs online free, you can check out Avatar Photo, Gickr, Picasion and some other web apps as mentioned before.

And to find some interesting ones created by others, you can check out the Giphy website, which is available for you to search and browse tons of animated GIFs with the following 3 special features:

How To Configure Snova For C4

C4 here means PaaS (Platform as a service).

Up till now, the Snova proxy has already supported 6 C4s, which are Appfog, CloudFoundry, Dotcloud, Heroku, Jelastic and Openshift.

Regarding how to configure Snova for C4, you can check out the instructions in this post, but which was based on 0.15.0, and was a little out of date for the latest version 0.22.0, since “c4-client.conf” has been integrated into “sonva.conf”.

So, the following will make an update and show you how to configure C4 on the latest Snova (Java) client.

Type Any Language Online Free With Google Input Tools

To type Chinese, French, Japanese or any other languages online free, you can check out Branah, Google Translate, Lexilogos or some other virtual keyboards as mentioned before.

The following will show you a better one — Google Input Tools, which is a free Chrome extension for you to type over 80 languages via virtual keyboards, IMEs (Input Method Editors) and handwriting input tools.

A Free VPN For iOS — Onavo Protect

Cloak is a good VPN for iOS as mentioned before, but it does NOT offer free version any more, though it offers a 30-day free trial version, which is far away from free.

Instead, you can check out Onavo Protect, which is a free and new VPN software for you to use on your iOS devices.

Add Subtitles To Old Film Clips Using Your Voice With Peanut Gallery

Now, Google has run a website with the nickname for you to add subtitles to old film clips using your voice in your Chrome browser.

How To Back Up Your Blog Files Faster Via SSH

To back up your blog files, you can just download them all, but which will be faster if you can remove those unwanted files (caches and backups) first.

The following will show you how to back up your blog files faster by emptying the caches, deleting the backups and compressing the folder for a WordPress blog in a dedicated server, VPS or cloud computing via SSH with 4 steps: