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Help Find The Missing Children With Your 404 Page

When a page is missing, a reader will be unhappy.

When a child is missing, a family will be sad.

And when a reader sees a missing page with a picture of a missing child, he or she may have clues and the child’s families may have hope, right?

NotFound is such a project for you to replace your every 404 page with a picture of a missing child in Europe.

Shorten Your Tweets With Small Tweet

To shorten (or shrink) your tweets automatically, you can check out Maxitweet, Tweet Compressor or Twitterative.

And to add symbols to your tweets, you can check out CopyPasteCharacter, Hacktrix or TwitterKeys.

So, is it possible to shorten tweets and to add symbols on one site instead of two? Yes, you can do that with Small Tweet, free of charge.

Sign Documents In Gmail With HelloSign

To sign documents online free, you can check out SignNow, as mentioned before.

The following will show you a better one — HelloSign, which is not only available for you to sign documents online, but also to send them via your Gmail directly, with both free and paid services.

Listen To Music And Chat With SOUNDROP

In 2011, Chill was available for you to chat with people while watching music videos in a room, free of charge.

But now, the web app has been changed to a paid service for you to buy and sell music videos, which is boring, right?

Luckily, we still have some other services to listen to music and chat with people in a room for free, such as SOUNDROP.

5 Ways For You To Connect To SSH Tunnel

When getting an SSH tunnel, whether free or paid, how to connect to it?

You can check out the following 5 ways:

One Free Proxy Or VPN Per Day

In 2011, I listed 100 free anti-censorship tools, including Proxy, SSH, VPN and some other types.

One year later, some of them were not available any more, so I found some new ones and wrote a book about 100+ free tools for you to access blocked sites, with more details.

Check Out Who Are Your Best Gmail Friends With Immersion

Generally speaking, the more interaction you have, the closer your friendship will be.

So, for Gmail users, you can find out who are your best friends according to the email interaction volumes, instead to calculate which for all your contacts one by one manually, you can use the free web app Immersion, which will figure out who are your best Gmail friends automatically.

Top 10 Twitter Accounts For Life Facts

The following will show you top 10 Twitter accounts, each of them is sharing life facts that are liked by over 1,000,000 people: