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Get Unlimited Free Web Proxies From Centurian

Among these 100 free online proxies mentioned before, most of them are blocked here in China.

But which doesn’t mean that there are less free web proxies now, instead, you can always get another 100 new ones anytime you like.

Among the latest 100 free proxy or VPN services, a big part are web proxies, and most of them are from the Centurian site.

Top 10 Sites For You To Download Free Fonts

Boring with Arial, Casual, Times New Roman or some other regular fonts pre-installed in your computer operating systems and want to try some special ones like Llama?

You can of course create your own fonts with FontStruct, but which may be a little difficult, instead, you can check out the following 10 sites, which are the best places for you to download free fonts:

Learn English Vocabulary Online Free With Vocabla

To be good at English, one of the most important things is to remember the vocabulary as more as possible.

But how to do that easily and funny? You can check out as mentioned before, the following will show you another similar service — Vocabla, which is also a web app for you to learn English vocabulary online free.

Watch YouTube Videos That Are Not Available In Your Country With ProxMate

Some YouTube videos are only available in some regions, since their uploaders do not want all the people in the world to see them for free.

For example, the following is the official video of Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball:

Blinkx Is Not Available For You To Watch TV Series Any More

As one of the best websites for you to watch TV series online free in 2010, Blinkx is not available any more.

Although the website is still alive, there are no TV shows, but only videos about business, food, sports and some other information things.

Improve Your Typing Speed With Ratatype Online Free

To improve your typing speed online, you can check out,, and some other 7 free web apps as mentioned before.

The following will show you another one — Ratatype, which is also simple and interesting for you to improve your touch typing speed online free.


As the name, Feedspot is a spot of feeds, or we can say that it is an RSS reader.

But comparing to Google Reader and its other alternatives (such as Digg Reader, Pulse, Feedly, etc.), Feedspot has the following 3 advantages:

An Easier Way To Delete Your Saved Twitter Searches

When searching for something on Twitter, you can save it as a “saved search”.

And to delete a “saved search”, you will need to visit its result page again and click the “Remove saved search” option, as what you can see from the following image: