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Best 2 Sites For You To Discuss Bitcoin

Twitter is a good place for you to search the latest news about Bitcoin, but not good enough for you to discuss it with 140 characters.

So where are the best places to discuss Bitcoin? You can check out the following 2 sites:

You Can Now Advertise On Free Nuts With BTC, LTC And DOGE

Now, the most expensive currency unit is not EUR any more, but BTC.

Well, as a digital currency, BTC is treated as virtual gold, and it also can be exchanged to CNY, EUR, USD and some other fiat currencies via online exchanges.

Top 10 Chinese BTC Exchanges

The Bitcoin official site has informed you that you can buy BTC via exchanges listed on the website.

And there are 7 exchanges listed for you to buy BTC in China, but among them, only three are Chinese, and the one Asia Nexgen has less than 100 BTC volume (per day?), out of date, right?

In fact, China has the most BTC exchanges in the world, among which, the following 10 listed in the table are the best with most trading volumes:

How To Search News About BTC On Twitter

If you are looking for the latest news about BTC before making some investing decisions, searching on Twitter will be a great way.

Depending on whether to buy or to sell, you can try to search for the following keywords:

Check Out The Exchange Price And Volume Charts Of BTC, LTC, NMC And More With DC-Charts

Before investing on BTC (Bitcoin), LTC (Litecoin), NMC (Namecoin) and/or some other cryptocurrency (digital currency), it is better to have a look at their past and current exchange prices and volumes.

Mt.Gox, BTC-E, Bitstamp and some other BTC exchanges do offer the data, but DC-Charts will collect data from all of those markets, and show them as charts.

YouTube Rewind 2013

2013 is passing, Google has listed the top trending videos on the YouTube Rewind channel to celebrate it, as what they did for last year.

But comparing to 2012, this year has more top trending videos, and which are sorted by food, fitness, gaming and some other topics.

Find Your Old Twitter Bios With Bio is changed

How many times have you changed your Twitter bio? And do you remember or keep all of them?

@Young_Yang has just changed once, but he had even forgotten what the last bio was till he came across the Bio is changed site, which is available for you to track all your bios (including profile images).

Watch Southeast Asian Short Films With Viddsee

Like short films from Philippines, Singapore or Thailand? You can check out Viddsee.

As a free online micro-cinema platform, Viddsee is available for you to watch and share short films from Southeast Asia only.