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Best 8 Faucets For You To Get Free DOGE

In fact, I was to list top 10 faucets, but failed to find the last 2.

While Dogecoin is becoming more and more popular and expensive, all the existing faucets may be dry any time, so here are the best 8 faucets for you to get free DOGE:

The Must-Have Sites For You To Get Start With BTC, LTC And DOGE

Whether to get start with BTC, LTC, DOGE or any other cryptocurrency, the correct, easiest and safest way is to visit its official site.

So the following will show you the official sites of BTC, LTC and DOGE, which are my best 3 favorite digital currencies:

Best Sites For You To Discuss LTC And DOGE

To discuss BTC, you can check out Reddit and Bitcoin Forum as mentioned before.

And to discuss LTC and DOGE, you can also check out Reddit as well as their own forums.

Best Block Explorers For BTC, LTC And DOGE

As you may know that there will be 21 Million Bitcoin, 84 Million Litecoin, and 100 Billion Dogecoin, but do you know how many of them have been mined?

You can check out the following 3 best block explorers, which will show you the answers directly and instantly:

Top 10 Sites For You To Watch Movies Online Free In 2014

Happy New Year!

There will be no doubt that you can buy movie tickets with Bitcoin in 2014, but I think you would prefer to watch movies online free as usual.

And to do so, you can just check out the following 10 sites: