3 Easy Ways to Find Your First Tweet

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If you want to know what did you say when you first updated your Twitter profile, or if you want to know what was the first tweet any other tweep said, you can use below three free web apps, which will make it easy.

1. My First Tweet

My First Tweet can’t grab the first tweet for you if you have more than 3,200 tweets.

Go to My First Tweet

2. TwitterStorm

Go to TwitterStorm

3. MyTweet16

You can check out yours or any other tweep’s first 16 tweets with MyTweet16.

Go to MyTweet16

Just input a tweep’s name on any of the above websites, and then you will get the first tweet of that tweep. If you have any other ways to find your first tweet, would you please share them with us? 🙂

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