3 Free PDF Business Card Makers

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I ever paid for business card design and printing, but now I know that I only need to pay for printing, since the design can be very easy by using below 3 free online business card makers:

1. Businesscardland

You can select your favorite business card template and choose the color you like, but you are not able to upload your own photos. The finished PDF business cards can be downloaded as one card per page or 8/12 cards per page.

2. DeGraeve.com

You can select the fonts, upload your photo, choose text alignment. When the business card is finished, you are able to download it and get 12 cards to a page.

3. Free PDF Cards

Nearly the same as Degraeve, Free PDF Cards is simple and easy to make pdf business card, but you can not choose the text alignment position.

As a matter of fact, I haven’t used paper business cards for quite a while, because I am lazy to do that, and what is more, I think the online business card (such as DooID) will be instead of the paper business card in future.

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