3 Free Ways To Donate For Japan Earthquake Relief

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On March 11, a massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit Northeastern Japan and caused tsunami, which has damaged many houses, taken away thousands of lives, burnt a nuclear plant, and brought some other lost as well as uncertain risks.

As a strong nation, the Japanese is rebuilding their homes now, and your help will make the process more safe and fast. One of the easiest ways to help is to donate, with your credit card, or with the following three free ways if you have no money.

1. Like to donate

Like to Donate For Japan Earthquake Relief

Following Dog Bless You, The Voskos Greek Yogurt company will donate one dollar for every “like” of their Facebook page, from March 15 through March 22.

There is no limit for the donation amount, but the company hasn’t decided which charity the donation will be channeled yet.

2. Comment to donate

Comment to Donate For Japan Earthquake Relief

The Moms Need To Know blog says they will donate $1 for every comment to the Samaritan’s Purse charity, and the donation amount will be up to $300, not so much, but better than none.

Besides, Moms Need To Know also lists some other blogs which will donate for the relief effort when receiving comments, too.

3. Click to donate

Click to Donate For Japan Earthquake Relief

The American National Red Cross has just launched a donation campaign on the Causes website, aiming to raise $150,000 for the Japanese earthquake victims, and has raised over 100,000 up till now.

Just sign in with your Facebook account, click the “Give a minute” button, and answer some sponsored questions, then you can donate $0.10 when you finish, just as what you can do with most of these click-to-donate sites.

Among the above 3 ways, whichever you use, it will be helpful for the Japanese suffered from the massive earthquake and tsunami, let’s pray for Japan.

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