3 Ways For You To Prevent ISP From DNS Hijacking

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According to NewsScientist, Cavalier, Cincinnati Bell, Gogent and some other US ISPs are redirecting some search queries to some websites which can bring them money.

Redirecting one URL to another by ISPs can be simply taken as DNS hijacking, which is evil since it leads you to a wrong way.

As normal users, we are possibly not available to sue those ISPs because of the expensive costs, but we can prevent them from DNS hijacking with the following 3 easy ways:

1. To change your DNS servers

Google DNS

As default, your computer will use your ISP’s DNS servers which may conduct the hijacking, so you can change them to some others, such as Google Public DNS or OpenDNS.

For example, you can change the DNS server to Google’s with the following IP addresses:

Just as what you can see from the above image, and for more IP addresses and detailed configuration instructions, you can click the above two links and visit their official websites.

2. To use the HTTPS connection


As a safer version of HTTP, HTTPS will be harder for ISPs to hijack and redirect your queries, and what you need to do is just to change the HTTP in the address bar to HTTPS with any of these 3 Easy Ways.

3. To use some anti-censorship tools

Prevent DNS Hijacking with VPN

Besides to get access to those blocked sites, anti-censorship tools (including VPN, SSH, Proxy, etc) also offer anonymous and safer ways (such as to hide your IP) for you to surf online.

Among the above 3 ways, the last one is the most powerful for you to prevent your ISP from DNS hijacking.

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