Another 4 FireFox 3.6 Add-ons for Twitter

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My favorite Firefox Add-on for Twitter is Echofon, not only because it is light and easy to manage multiple accounts, but also because there is a revised version which lets you use it with Twitter API.

Besides Echofon, I have also tried some other Firefox add-ons for Twitter, such as StockTwits, Twitterbar, Twitzer, and so on, but I’ve found that most of them are not workable for FireFox 3.6, at least not workable for mine. And among those which are workable for FireFox 3.6, I like below 4 add-ons:

1. Friendbar

FireFox Add-ons for Twitter

Friendbar is really a long toolbar, from which you can update your Twitter account as well as your Facebook account, you can search Google or Twitter, you can also shorten the url of the current web page, and so on.

Go to Friendbar

2. Twitter Search

FireFox Add-ons for Twitter

Obviously, Twitter Search lets you search Twitter from your navigation toolbar.

Go to Twitter Search

3. Shareaholic

FireFox Add-ons for Twitter

Go to Shareaholic

Shareaholic lets you share a web page to Twitter easily, besides Twitter, you can also share a web page to Facebook, Evernote, Dilicious, and so on.

4. Yoono

Yoono lets you manage 11 social network or IM services, including Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and so on. You can reply, retweet or translate the tweets in the lists your created or followed.

Go to Yoono

Have you used any of the above four Firefox add-ons for Twitter update? Which one is your favorite? Or you just like to use Echofon as I do? 🙂

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