7 Ways To Search Your Own Blog

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Do you ever search your own blog or website?

I do, since I often like to search my own blog to find some old posts, in order to look for some records or see if there is something I can refer to in a new post.

For a WordPress user, you can search your own blog with the following 7 ways:

1. Search via default function

WordPress offers search function itself, and you can add the search box to your sidebar as a widget.

2. Search via dashboard

On the WordPress dashboard, you can search blog posts, pages, and comments.

3. Search via admin bar

The latest version of WordPress offers an admin bar, from which you can search your own blog while browsing it after login.

4. Search via Google CS

You can replace the WordPress default search box with Google CS (Customize Search), which is more powerful.

By the way, if you connect your Google CS to your AdSense account, it’s better not to search your blog with your CS, in order to avoid clicking the ads yourself by accident.

5. Search via browser’s search box

In IE, Firefox, Chrome and some other browsers, there are search boxes with Google, Yahoo, Bing or some other search engines, so that you can search your own blog by adding your site domain after the keywords you wan to search. For example, to search Google in this blog, you can just enter the following text in the browser’s search box:

Google site:freenuts.com

6. Search via Add to Search Bar

For Firefox user, you can install the add-on Add to Search Bar, which will allow you to right-click and add your blog’s default search function to your browser’s search box,

7. Search via Omnibox Site Search

Omnibox Site Search is a Chrome extension for you to search any website with the Google Site Search, and you can also search YouTube, Digg, Twitter and some other websites directly.

Among the above seven ways, the Omnibox Site Search extension is the most powerful and safe, but it is only available for Chrome.

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