A Noobroom Invite For You

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As one of the best sites for you to watch movies online free, Noobroom says that it is now running in an invite system, which means that you will need to be invited to register and to use its services.

So, when visiting the Noobroom site, you will see a login page, such as what you can see from the following image:


If you are already a Noobroom member, you can just log in with your registered email address and password; and if not, you will need to click the "Register Free Account" button and register a new account.

In an invite system, it was supposed that you would need to enter an invite code when registering a new account, right? But as what you can see from the above image, there will be an invite code (such as 4b29a40fle) in the hyperlink of the "Register Free Account" button, clicking on which, you should be able to register an account without entering any other invite code, right?

Yes, during my test, you can still register a new account without any invite code, since Noobroom will offer one to you itself, which should not happen, since the invite system has been implemented since August 1st.

But why this happened indeed? The reason I guess is that Noobroom thought there were not enough registered users yet, and which would decrease their ad income.

Anyway, in case the invite system will be implemented completely some day later, you can register a Noobroom account via the following invite link:



Finally, you do need an invite to join Noobroom now, but the above invite link was not available anymore, since one invite is only available for one registration, and will be changed after the registration is successful and active.

So, if you like to join Noobroom, you can just leave a comment and I will send you the latest invite link when available.

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