A Policy Violation Appeal To Google AdSense Team

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Dear Google AdSense team,

Hope you are doing well!

Today, I was shocked when receiving your email [#1055972188] about that my Google AdSense account (pub-9782562862588242) was suspended.

In the email, it is said that my websites violated the AdSense program policies, so I double-checked jingpin.org and freenuts.com, which were the only 2 websites I put AdSense on in the last 2 years, as a result, I am sure that the jingpin.org website was 100% compatible with the policies, and the freenuts.com website I think did not violate the policies, either, but if it did, then I thought the reason might be that it published some posts about how to watch some TV series online free.

In those posts, there were no copyrighted materials (including images), nor links to any copyrighted materials, but as a publisher, my understanding on some policies may be not 100% correct, so if those posts did violate the AdSense program policies, I would like to accept the punishment, and before sending out this appeal, all of them were deleted from the freenuts.com website, as what you can see from the following list:

1. Watch 90210 Online Free: https://freenuts.com/watch-90210-online-free/

2. Watch Archer Online For Free: https://freenuts.com/watch-archer-online-for-free/

3. Watch Breaking Bad Online For Free: https://freenuts.com/watch-breaking-bad-online-for-free/

4. Watch Blue Bloods Online For Free: https://freenuts.com/watch-blue-bloods-online-for-free/

5. Watch Brothers And Sisters Online For Free: https://freenuts.com/watch-brothers-and-sisters-online-for-free/

6. Watch Big Brother Online for Free: https://freenuts.com/watch-big-brother-online-for-free/

7. Watch Bleach Online for Free: https://freenuts.com/watch-bleach-online-for-free/

8. Watch Criminal Minds Online For Free: https://freenuts.com/watch-criminal-minds-online-for-free/

9. Watch Doctor Who Online For Free: https://freenuts.com/watch-doctor-who-online-for-free/

10. Watch Desperate Housewives Online Free: https://freenuts.com/watch-desperate-housewives-online-free/

11. Watch Dexter Online For Free: https://freenuts.com/watch-dexter-online-for-free/

12. Watch Entourage Online for Free: https://freenuts.com/watch-entourage-online-for-free/

13. Watch Glee Online For Free: https://freenuts.com/watch-glee-online-for-free/

14. Watch How I Met Your Mother Online For Free: https://freenuts.com/watch-how-i-met-your-mother-online-for-free/

15. Watch Jersey Shore Online for Free: https://freenuts.com/watch-jersey-shore-online-for-free/

16. Watch Madame Bovary Online Free: https://freenuts.com/watch-madame-bovary-online-free/

17. Watch Make It or Break It Online for Free: https://freenuts.com/watch-make-it-or-break-it-online-for-free/

18. Watch Men Of A Certain Age Online For Free: https://freenuts.com/watch-men-of-a-certain-age-online-for-free/

19. Watch Missing Online Free: https://freenuts.com/watch-missing-online-free/

20. Watch Modern Family Online For Free: https://freenuts.com/watch-modern-family-online-for-free/

21. Watch Nikita Online Free: https://freenuts.com/watch-nikita-online-free/

22. Watch New Girl Online For Free: https://freenuts.com/watch-new-girl-online-for-free/

23. Watch Pretty Little Liars Online for Free: https://freenuts.com/watch-pretty-little-liars-online-for-free/

24. Watch Revenge Online Free: https://freenuts.com/watch-revenge-online-free/

25. Watch Sons of Anarchy Online for Free: https://freenuts.com/watch-sons-of-anarchy-online-for-free/

26. Watch Supernatural Online For Free: https://freenuts.com/watch-supernatural-online-for-free/

27. Watch Super Bowl Online For Free: https://freenuts.com/watch-super-bowl-online-for-free/

28. Watch Terra Nova Online Free: https://freenuts.com/watch-terra-nova-online-free/

29. Watch The River Online For Free: https://freenuts.com/watch-the-river-online-for-free/

30. Watch The Bachelor, The Bachelorette And Bachelor Pad Online For Free: https://freenuts.com/watch-the-bachelor-the-bachelorette-and-bachelor-pad-online-for-free/

31. Watch The Good Wife Online For Free: https://freenuts.com/watch-the-good-wife-online-for-free/

32. Watch The Cape Online For Free: https://freenuts.com/watch-the-cape-online-for-free/

33. Watch The Walking Dead Online For Free: https://freenuts.com/watch-the-walking-dead-online-for-free/

34. Watch The Big Bang Theory Online for Free: https://freenuts.com/watch-the-big-bang-theory-online-for-free/

35. Watch The Vampire Diaries Online for Free: https://freenuts.com/watch-the-vampire-diaries-online-for-free/

36. Watch True Brother Online For Free: freenuts.com/watch-true-blood-online-for-free/

37. Watch UFC Online For Free: https://freenuts.com/watch-ufc-online-for-free/

38. Watch Young Justice Online For Free: https://freenuts.com/watch-young-justice-online-for-free/

39. Top 5 Websites to Watch The Mentalist Online for Free:freenuts.com/watch-the-mentalist-online-for-free/

The above 39 posts I think were all the contents which might violate the AdSense grogram policies, and if they did cause the account suspended, I would like to be punished and promise never publish any similar contents on freenuts.com or any other websites. Hope you can consider this appeal, double-check the violation websites, and re-enable the Google AdSense account pub-9782562862588242, thank you!

Best regards,

Young Yang


It was too painful to smile when the Google AdSense account was suspended.

Because of policy violation, my Google AdSense account was suspended, and the real reason I think was that there were some posts about how to watch some TV series online free as mentioned.

It is supposed to be very hard to re-enable the account, but it is also better to do something than to do nothing, so I am going to send the above policy violation appeal via this form,which I haven't done before, and it seems that you can only send once, so it will be very appreciated that if you can give some advice!

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