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free nutsAll the interesting web apps here are delicious and free!

In the belief that the internet will be dominated by browsers in future, Young Yang has been trying to use web-based tools instead of desktop clients to watch movies, to play games, to listen to music and to do many if not all other things online, without spending any money. When finding out some interesting and free web apps, Young will test them and post the reviews on this blog.

As a free full-time blogger, Young Yang has been spending most of his time in blogging, and besides Free Nuts, he also runs a Chinese blog — Jingpin, which focuses on everything he thinks is interesting about blog and mini-blog.

Hope you can find something useful and interesting here, and if you have any interesting web apps or questions, please feel free to contact Young via any of the following ways:

Email/Gtalk: essentialblog (at) gmail.com

Twitter: FreeNuts

Facebook: YoungYang

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